DOT Pedestrian Info Kiosk


Working within the Transportation Administration for the City of New York, a pioneering project to provide transportation and directional information about general and neighborhood areas at the street level was developed for the City of New York, the first of its kind. Installed at 14 different locations at key locations throughout the City a series of 3, double sided panels with a roof that provided some weather protection and basic orientation and location, created six opportunities for display: bus map, subway map, a City-wide borough map of Manhattan and environs, a map of Midtown and with a detail map and two additional maps with relevant local information that included: a theatre district map, Central Park map, United Nations information, Penn Station map, etc. This project was carried out completely by the construction personnel within the Department of Highways and the design team of the Urban Design Section within the Transportation Administration. Installed in 1976, the kiosks remained in place their various locations until about 2003 and represented the first real attempt by the City to provide an information system to the people of New York City.


Pedestrian Information Kiosk Team:
New York City Transportation Administration:
Manual Carbarllo, First Deputy Administrator of Transportation
and Commissioner of Highways
Daniel S. Garvey, Deputy Commissioner of Highways

Urban Design Section
Frank A. Rogers, Director
Alan J. Lindenfeld, Assistant Urban Designer

Tracy Turner, Principal Illustrator
Herbert Hong, Senior Illustrator
Kathleen Schenck, Senior Illustrator
JoEllen Smith, Senior Illustrator
Rise Goldstein, Illustrator
David Trachtenberg, Illustrator

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