Speech Buddies

TTD created the branding and packaging for San Francisco based Articulate Technologies’ first launch of a system of products to help kids with speech disorders. These five pen-size devices with different polymer tips act as targets to help kids and adults get their tongue in the right place to produce the correct sound. Implementation started with the five sounds that are the most difficult: R, S, L, CH and SH. The beauty of the product is the user, by employing it correctly, even for the first time, says the sound as it should be said and can feel and hear how to make the sound. Clinical data shows Speech Buddies cuts the therapy time in half.

Client: Articulate Technologies

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Fantastic product, my sites all run super fast and the support is excellent! Great to work with, good communications skills.

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He is a very hard worker. He faced some frustrating issues with our project and overcame all obstacles! Great attitude and was always quickly available on Skype for discussion. Hire Him!

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